Introducing the ✨ magic ✨ of Gandalf

Securely request consumer data from Netflix, YouTube, Amazon etc. with the Gandalf SDK

Gandalf is an SDK for securely requesting user data from online services that lack a first-party API.

With today's alpha release, you can securely request user data from Netflix, YouTube, Amazon & Playstation with just a few lines of code. Gandalf allows end-users to share a wide range of data; the shows they've watched, the games they've played, their shopping history, etc.

If you like what we're doing, an check us out on Product Hunt.

Watch how it works [~1 min 📹]

The team is very excited to release Gandalf to the world. It's been a fantastic ~3 months of work. We hope you enjoy building with the SDK as much as we enjoyed building it. Our mission is to empower users with full control over their data, while providing developers with a stable, trustworthy platform free from unilateral API changes. [Read more about our vision]

Today's release is the first step in that direction. We'd love to take the next 1000 steps with builders like you all. Get started at

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